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Strong, Straight Spines for Children (Part 2)

children help their own spines

With your children settling into the new school year and getting geared up for study and sport, here are some more tips to be mindful of their spine! NB: If your child appears to be in pain or discomfort with any of the suggestions below, stop the activity and contact us.


Vary their studying position at home. Some reading, writing, typing can be done whilst lying on their tummy on the floor or on their bed. Standing at a high desk is an option. Even lying on alternate sides of the body, or on their back, is acceptable for some activities providing it is comfortable. Variety is the key.


This is another way to promote upright posture in children. Walking and running commonly comes with better posture than sitting. Throwing a ball into the air above the head and catching it, volleyball, basketball and badminton. Most swimming styles like freestyle, back stroke and breast stroke encourage good posture. Dancing, gymnastics, bodysurfing and boogie boarding may also be helpful for promoting spine strength and upright posture.


When sitting, walking and running, children should practice raising their sternum (breast bone) towards the sky. This simple action, when performed regularly, should encourage improved head, spine and shoulder position.


Take the time to arrange a proper desk setup for your child to use at home. Your child may spend hours each week studying at home and this is one of the few places you have an opportunity to get this ‘just right’ for your child. Start with an appropriate sized chair and table height to match. An elevated shelf or platform near the rear of the desk will enable them to position their monitor up high for viewing with an upright posture. When seated, the chair should be pulled in close to the desk and their work (paper or keyboard/mouse) should be positioned close to their body to avoid overreaching.

I hope you found this article helpful. Please feel free to forward it on to anyone you feel may benefit. If you have any questions about any of these topics please don’t hesitate to send us a message or give us a call on 8272 2862.

Richard Mathers