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What to expect when you
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We believe a patient

If you are looking for this kind of experience or would like to know more about how we may be able to help you, we would love to hear from you!


The initial visit

After completing your intake forms Richard will spend up to 60 minutes with you. During this time he will listen to your concerns and conduct a thorough history and detailed examination. The information gleaned will be used to identify both the source of your symptoms or problem (diagnosis) and the likely causes behind them.

X-rays are not requested as standard but can be arranged if required. If you have access to previous imaging or reports please bring them with you.

For your peace of mind, everything will be explained in advance and you will be given plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

Before your next visit, Richard will compile a detailed written report ready to share with you.

Second visit

Giving you a detailed Report of Findings, describing treatment and care options in detail, providing treatment and advice takes time. This is why we allow 30 minutes for this important appointment. Everything will be explained in detail and if you are happy to proceed, hands-on treatment will commence during the session to get you started!

You will be given a copy of your findings and recommendations. If requested, Richard is also happy to write to your GP to keep them informed.

Progress reviews

It is important to us that you are on track during your care. Richard will monitor your progress from visit to visit and will arrange a formal progress review visit after the first 4-6 visits or after a short period of time.

In the rare instance that you are not moving forward, Richard will revise your care plan and will not hesitate to refer you for additional assistance.

Speech Pathology

The initial visit

After completing your intake forms Lisa will spend up to 60 minutes with you and your child. During this time, we will listen to your concerns about your child’s speech and language development and begin the assessment. Assessment can take different forms, it may be done using formal tests or informally through play, depending on your child’s age, needs and the area of concern.

Feedback will be given as the session progresses and at the end. Together with you, we will then decide whether we will begin therapy, monitor your child’s skills or undertake further assessment. You will be given lots of opportunities to discuss your options with the Speech Pathologist and ask any questions.

If your child has had any assessments conducted prior to this appointment, please bring the reports along with you.

Therapy sessions

Therapy sessions usually last 30 minutes and are always tailored to your child’s therapy goals and needs. The goals will have been decided in conjunction with you following your initial appointment. We aim to achieve our therapy goals whilst making therapy sessions fun and engaging for your child, no matter what their age. Activities and specific practise tasks may be given at the end of the session to enable you to support the therapy process at home. Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend sessions with their child.

In the rare instance that your child is not making progress, Lisa is very happy to discuss this with you, review your child’s therapy plan and refer on if required.