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Strong, Straight Spines for Children (Part 1)

good spine habits children

As our kids are enjoying the school holidays its important to be mindful of their postural habits at home. Here are a few healthy spine tips to benefit your children during this period. NB: If your child appears to be in pain or discomfort with any of the suggestions below, stop the activity and contact us.


Lying on their front when on the floor or on their bed is an achievable activity for most children. It can be used for a variety of tasks including reading, puzzles, tablet use, TV or game consoles. This propped-up position encourages an upright chest and head posture and creates a contrast to the slouching posture many children get through prolonged sitting.


Encourage children daily to sit up straight at the dinner table, on the sofa and at the computer. If your child’s thighs are too short to sit well back on an adult sized chair with their knees bent (a common scenario) place a cushion behind their low back for support. The same applies to the sofa. Alternatively, have them wriggle right back into the sofa with their knees straight (this however can be difficult for children with short hamstrings).


Tablets and Laptops are often associated with a ‘head down’ or ‘slouched’ posture because the screen of the device is too low and too close when placed on a desk or table top. A separate keyboard and mouse enables the device to be placed up high on a box or platform in front of the user whilst leaving the keyboard and mouse close to the body where they are needed.


Rest the device on a couple of cushions (or similar) on their lap. The elevated position will help them assume a more upright posture and will likely reduce stress on the neck and shoulders. This can also be applied to sitting in the car.

Stay tuned for Part 2….

Sincerely, Richard