Speech Pathology for children, Mitcham

At Sure Start Speech Pathology we pride ourselves in client centered assessment and therapy. We love working with children of all ages and their parents, working towards joint goals and developing strong relationships. We also liaise with other health professionals and education staff to support children in their learning away from the clinic.

We work with children from two to adulthood supporting them with a range of difficulties as they transition through their childhood. These may include:

  • Speech sound difficulties – children have trouble articulating a sound or do not produce sounds in words accurately
  • Delayed and disordered language development – children are developing language at a slower rate than expected or are finding it difficult to construct sentences with words in the right order
  • Stuttering (trained to provide the Lidcombe Program) – see page on stuttering for more information
  • Literacy difficulties: knowledge of letters and sounds, decoding skills, sight words, spelling rules and strategies and reading comprehension
  • Social skills: interaction and conversation skills, making and maintaining friendships, social problem solving, negotiating, arguments and coping with winning and losing
  • Autism and many of its features

If you have any questions about how to support your child with any of the above needs or would like advice on whether an appointment is appropriate for your child, please give us a call on 8272 2862.

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