Our rooms are set up for kids!

We have plenty of space for children and siblings to spread out and be comfortable. Plenty of toys too, and we are not afraid of a little noise!

Richard is a skilled practitioner and is great at putting children (and parents) at ease.

Recurring back, neck, shoulder and hip problems are common in adulthood. Richard believes that Children and Teenagers should be shown how to be more aware of their own spines and how to take better care of them themselves (as they care for their own teeth).

We have off-street parking to make it safer and easier when getting kids out of, and into, your car when you visit.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for then give us a call, we’d love to hear from you!

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Experience and understanding!

Richard Mathers has almost 20 years experience as a Chiropractor, has two children of his own and over 10 years experience working with babies and very young children. He understands that children have significant anatomical, physiological, developmental and psychological differences and needs from adults. He also understands the needs of the child’s parents in a chiropractic setting.

To see a list of his chiropractic qualifications and awards click here.

Our office is set up for babies and children

Our Adelaide chiropractic treatment rooms are spacious and have dedicated play areas for other children to be entertained while their sibling and parents are busy with the Chiropractor.

Measuring developmental milestones is an important part of working with young children. We have baby weighing scales in our reception for the Chiropractor and our clients to use whenever they like. We also have a baby length measuring mat and a wall mounted height measure for older children.

We have three different chiropractic assessments to cover different child age groups. We have one for babies up to age 2 years, one for children aged 2 to 13 years and another for older children and teenagers. Much of the chiropractic assessment for babies and young children is performed on the parents lap or knee.

Communication with your GP

Each child new patient receives a written report following their initial chiropractor visit outlining all aspects of their findings, diagnosis and proposed care. A copy of this report is made available to the child’s GP or Paediatrician if the parents so desire at no extra change. We feel that good communication between your chiropractor and your other health professionals is an important part of a good healthcare service for children.

Finding the best fit for your child

We know that each child is unique and not every case that we receive is best suited to chiropractic care. We take great care to ascertain upfront the likelihood that chiropractic may help and whether that child should be receiving additional support under someone else’s care. We will not hesitate to refer our child patients to another health professional if required including their GP, Paediatrician, Dietician, Lactation consultant, CaFHS nurse or to a hospital.

If you have any questions at all on the topic of chiropractic care for children please do not hesitate to contact us on 8272 2862, or email (see bottom of page).

All our chiropractic assessments for babies and children are obligation free and if parents wish to bring their child in just to receive some good advice on how to care for their spines at home, that is okay too.

Sincerely, Richard Mathers, Director of Sure Start Chiropractic