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Summer Days with your Little Ones

How are you coping with this Adelaide heat with your breastfed babies?

Some mums and dads worry about caring for a tiny baby in the intense heat of Summer. The truth is, like you and I, all that can happen is that baby may need to feed more frequently. Remember that breastmilk supplies the baby with everything they need…..food, fluid, and love. If your baby asks for more, at any time of the year, just give it freely and without guilt. The more they take, the more you make…..believe it wholeheartedly and have faith in how it works.

Another worry for new parents can be the actual temperature of the baby. I say, rule of thumb, think about how you feel yourself, then consider that the baby has less fat on his or her body, and just add one more light layer than you would want on yourself. It’s simple and it makes sense. Humans have survived the elements for centuries now.

If you are experiencing doubts and difficulties with any aspect of breastfeeding or baby care, postnatally or antenatally, make an appointment and I guarantee you will come away from a session with me feeling much more confident, self assured and empowered to cope with the job at hand.

Stay cool

Marianne Dugmore