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Sitting | Desk Setup


Conditioning Exercises

Sets and Repetitions (reps)

3 sets of 10 reps to start.
Increase reps to 15, then 20, when confident with technique and it becomes too easy.


Aim for ‘Moderate’. Target muscle should feel tired/weaker towards the end of each set, particularly the last two. Aim to maintain ‘good form’ and use ‘full joint movement’ with each rep. It is okay however to feel a bit ‘wobbly’ or unable to use ‘full joint movement’ towards the end of the 2nd or 3rd set.

When confident with technique and it becomes too easy you may be able to add weight or resistance in some cases, or progress to a more challenging version of the exercise.


6 seconds (approx) per rep cycle, e.g. ‘raise’ for 2 seconds, ‘hold’ 2 seconds, ‘lower’ for 2 seconds.
When you are confident with your technique and it becomes too easy you can increase the ‘hold’ or ‘rep cycle’ time.


Chest | Thorax | Ribs

Hip | Pelvis | SIJ

Low Back


Knee | Thigh

Ankle | Foot | Shin


Wrist | Forearm | Elbow