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Being a new mum is not easy and can sometimes leave you feeling overwhelmed with sleep deprivation, exhaustion and fear. Fear that you are maybe not “doing it right”, fear that you only have a short time frame to “get it right”, and fear that you have no idea if what is happening is “normal”.
Nancy Mohrbacher, Canadian Lactation Consultant and my breastfeeding information guru, says let’s let go of the fear and let’s surrender to the baby’s needs. These tiny human mammals are born only half way through their gestational period, too underdeveloped to have any thought processes and acting only by instinct. They don’t need to be “trained” to feed at regular intervals or to sleep for a certain length of time. All they know is the set of instincts they are born with, all of which are designed for survival. These include the ability to crawl to the breast, suckle there to get their food, an innate need to be with a carer, and the ability to alert that carer if they are hungry or left alone.
I am right into helping Mums and Dads to understand these early, and often confusing, days. I can help you to help your baby to get to the breast and communicate his/her needs to you. Most of us are no longer surrounded by our relatives, our tribe and our village…but help is at hand.
If you have any breastfeeding concerns, feel free to send through a message or an email.
Marianne Dugmore, Lactation Consultant
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