More than just a Lactation Consultant

The other day a friend asked me for suggestions for a gift she needed to give at a Baby Shower. I suggested a voucher to see a Lactation Consultant.  

“What if she breastfeeds just fine and doesn’t need a Lactation Consultant?” asked my friend.  

I replied that a session with a Lactation Consultant before the baby is born can be very beneficial to a new Mum. Education is the key to success. Just to know what to expect, to understand the basic concepts of how breastfeeding works, to realise the importance of frequent feeding in the initial weeks in order to establish a reliable supply, to be prepared for a period of your life that you would never imagine the extent of the intensity of it all, the lack of sleep and how to deal with that, to be advised what booked to read….  

I feel that whenever we are entering into a new venture most of us these days will do some sort of preparation for this, some sort of research and prior education. What better gift that the gift of successful breastfeeding for your precious new baby?  

I can organise vouchers for just one or even a series of educational sessions for Mums in my breastfeeding clinic here at 16 Unley Road, Unley. Feel free to contact us for more information or to make an appointment.  

Marianne Dugmore, Lactation Consultant