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Speak to your Chiropractor if unsure

Stop if dizzy, feel sick, blurry vision, numbness or pins & needles

First determine which ‘Level’ best applies to you (see below).

Level 1

Recent moderate or severe pain



Level 2

Longstanding moderate or mild pain



Level 3

Further improvement required



Level 3

Acceptable condition, Maintenance



How hard do I push?

  • Stretches / Exercises: Mild-moderate tension/effort.  Some low-level discomfort is okay.
  • Massage: Mild-moderate pressure. Firm enough work/move/compress the target tissue.  Some low-level discomfort is okay.

How long do I apply?

  • Stretches / Exercises: This can vary.  See individual Stretch / Exercise sheets for further information.
  • Massage: 20-30 seconds per 5cm2 area is plenty.  Overall time depends on how many ‘areas’ to cover.

Some soreness after Stretching, Exercise or Massage is okay if it is:

  • mild – doesn’t negatively affect your ability to carry out your duties
  • short lived – less than 2 hours
  • gets less with subsequent applications in the same area

Stretching, Exercise or Massage is too much if:

  • You consistently feel more pain in the 2 hours that follow the session
  • The area feels more painful during subsequent exercise or massage sessions
  • If you get bruising or increased swelling

If the above occurs:

Reduce number of sessions per day or week by 50%. Reduce the push force of the stretch/exercise. Reduce massage pressure or duration in each area by 50%. *If the activity continues to aggravate after 2-3 days, stop and contact us without delay.


You are likely to be on track if:

You are feeling reduced pain/symptoms or improved motion/flexibility within a 3-14 day period after commencing your care routine. You may be ready to progress to the next level when you have achieved a 50% drop in pain (intensity or frequency) or 2-4 weeks have passed.  Ask your Chiropractor to discuss a review and to upgrade to the next level.