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Spine shoulder hip check | Babies Infants

If you are concerned about your child’s posture or flexibility we may be able to help.

If you have concerns about the health of a baby or child’s spine, hips or shoulders and would like it assessed by an experienced musculoskeletal practitioner please contact us.

If you would like to learn ways to help support and promote good spine and joint health in children at home or at school, this can also be a good reason to come and see us.

We will listen to your concerns and provide a thorough assessment including History and Examination. See below for an example of items typically covered.


  •     Patient / parent’s complaints or concerns in detail
  •     Pregnancy and birth history
  •     Trauma history
  •     Medical history
  •     Developmental milestones
  •     A review of systems


  •     Posture
  •     Spine/shoulder/hip range of motion
  •     Muscle stretch and infant reflexes
  •     Spinal and peripheral joint motion palpation
  •     Muscle palpation.

Additional items like Cranial nerve and specific Neurological/Orthopaedic tests are performed as required. X-rays are not requested as standard.

Decisions are then made to determine the suitability of the patient for chiropractic care and the likely outcomes with treatment. The need for any further investigations or referral is also considered.

If you have any questions on the topic of spine health check ups for babies and children please contact our Unley Adelaide office us anytime.