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We’re great with Shoulders!

We assess and manage –

  • Rotatory cuff muscle or tendon injury
  • Sub-Acromial impingement
  • Bursitis
  • Muscle strain
  • Referral from neck
  • Nerve impingement
  • Instability
  • De-conditioning

To ensure the best outcome and most rapid results we take the time to conduct a thorough history and examination to help identify where the shoulder problem is coming from and to determine the best type of treatment.

Richard Mathers has almost 20 years experience as a Chiropractor and has cared for hundreds of cases of peripharal joint pain cases like shoulders, wrists and ankles. He understands the anatomy and bio-mechanics of the human shoulder very well and is up to date with recent literature and treatment methods relating to shoulder pain.

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To see a list of his qualifications and awards click here.